I love the number 3. There’s something about it. A symmetry with an edge. One in the middle. Two’s company, three’s a crowd type of thing.

So it’s strange that in the space of a week recently I visited the exhibitions/studios of 3 women artists. And I visited them with my 2 daughters – so three women (well one woman and two girls) visiting three women. Except the third one – where I visited alone.

I didn’t plan it this way. It just happened. But I believe in patterns. All three were a real inspiration and just made me want to pick up my brushes and tools.

Let me talk about the first visit of the Trinity – Sonia Delaunay at Tate Modern.

The exhibition finshed a day or so after we visited so you can’t view it now. Wish I’d gone before but glad I went anyway. I have loved her work for years. The colours. The juxtapostion of the colours. And the shapes. “Colour is the skin of the world” she said. It so is Sonia.

Sonia_Delaunay_exhibition_catalogue_tate_publishing_16460_largeSonia was a multi-disciplinary abstract artist and a key figure in the Parisian avant-garde. Alongside her husband, Robert Delaunay, Sonia  pioneered the movement Simultanism. She explored the interaction between colours to create a sense of depth and movement. Robert’s good too. But this isn’t about him. He’s a man so he can’t feature in this trinity of women series. Sorry Robert.

What I really loved was that Sonia’s creativity expanded beyond painting to include many other outlets such as Casa Sonia, an interiors and fashion boutique that she set up 1918. She was also a set and costume designer and designed furniture.  Her textiles were fab. I love this quote:

“I always changed everything around me… I made my first white walls so our paintings would look better. I designed my furniture; I have done everything. I have lived my art.”

What an inspiring woman! Sonia you have inspired me.

So who is the next of the trinity of inspirational women artists? I shall cover her in my next post…


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