Shelley Thornton lives and works in St Ives, Cornwall and paints vibrant, abstracted works in acrylics, mixed media & oils. Often featuring lyrics, and quotes from literature and poetry, there is a form and structure to her work that is quite geometrical, architectural and industrial. It is both textural and textual.

Shelley’s paintings, in a ‘hard-edged painting’ style, are influenced by the exterior world and Shelley’s thoughts, feelings and emotions on the human condition. Her work evokes a deep sense of place and the passing of time, and represents a strong melding of the seeming dichotomy of city and sea.

Since she made the permanent move to St Ives over a decade ago – a jaw-dropping contrast to where she grew up in South Yorkshire – much of her work has depicted the natural beauty of Cornwall. She still draws inspiration from her frequent travels – especially to London and Yorkshire. When depicting the urban, a little bit of the ocean seeps into her work. And when depicting the coast, city influences are often evident.

To find out more about Shelley, you can read her Biography

She sells original paintings, signed limited edition prints and art cards. She is also available for commissions.

Her work is found in private and corporate collections in Europe and Asia.

Please use the contact page to purchase existing works or to commission a bespoke piece of artwork of your own.

Double Edged

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