The final of the 3 women artists is Sandra Blow.  I was privileged to go on a tour of the studio she founded at Bullans Court in St Ives given by Jonathan Grimble and Denny Long ( Jonathan really brought Sandra back to life and gave us a peek into her extraordinary life. She sounded a blast!

Before settling in Cornwall she travelled before teaching at the Royal College of Art. Jonathan told us a few anecdotes of her life and loves that were very amusing. A fly on the wall in the Chelsea Arts Club in the 60s would no doubt have a few tales to tell.

She worked and lived at Bullans Court until her death in 2006. Not the prettiest of buildings but she saw beyond that to its potential to form a live/work space. And what a space! In the heart of St Ives where most things are much smaller scale than elsewhere, she created a fabulous studio for herself.

To see where she lived and worked and the vast canvases in the studio was an inspiartion. It also made me wish for a space like that. It must be so liberating to be able to work on an industrial scale.

Her work might not be for everyone but I love it. Great colours and textures and patterns. Her collection of scraps and materials to use on her canvases was fascinating. The influence of Matisse is clear to see but she adopted her very own style.

Altogether a great couple of hours spent. I’m so pleased that Jonathan, Denny and David Blow have preserved it for us all to see. One not to be missed!

I just need to save up for one of her canvases now! Or at least a print.

blowstudio blow-studio-2















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