Celeste Allen of CBA Content held a Q&A with me in my studio recently. Here’s what she has to say and a link to the blog:

“I couldn’t think of anyone better to kick off spring with than Shelley Thornton. Not only is her artwork bright and bold with pops of colour, but she is also incredibly warm and personable (you’ll see what I mean on the blog).

After seeing some of her paintings in town and visiting her studio once before, I knew Shelley was the perfect person to help us bring back our ‘How Creators Create’ blog series.

Thankfully she said yes!

It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with Shelley in her studio and hear about her personal journey with art. From drawing birds in her garden as a child to moving down to St Ives with her firstborn, Shelley tells us how she became the artist she is today.”

Join us in conversation by visiting the link below.

On the blog: 
How Creators Create: A Q&A With Abstract Artist Shelley Thornton

Attracted by the vibrant light and beauty of St Ives, Shelley Thornton moved down to the Cornish coast to raise her children and pursue her passion for painting. Today she is known for her abstract and geometric style along with… Continue reading