Open Season

I’m very pleased to have works selected to feature in two open exhibitions taking place over the festive season. The first is the annual Christmas Open at St Ives Society of Artists in St Ives, Cornwall – where I have Metro 2 on display from16 November 2019 until 2 January 2020. The second is at the biannual Imagine Falmouth at Falmouth Art Gallery in Falmouth, Cornwall – where I have Porthmeor Revisted 2 on show from 23 November 2019 until 18 January 2020. There’s lots of good work available at both open shows if you fancy getting a nice present for someone – or for yourself. And it makes a welcome diversion from politics!

Going out with a Bang!

It’s your final chance to visit my exhibition, Red River, at Heartlands, Redruth, Cornwall as it ends on 8 November. You could say that it ends with a bang as it finishes just after Heartlands annual, free bonfire night and firework spectacular. This event, now the largest firework display in Cornwall, sees over ten thousand local people and their families come together, for an event that has become a celebration of the regeneration of the Pool area and its wonderful community. Heartlands is a great space – and particularly for showcasing my art because of the connections to mining, and to the natural and post mining  landscape of West Cornwall. The engine house, the gardens, the play area, the conference centre, the workspaces and of course the Red River café are all great spaces to spend time. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed exhibiting here.

Red River

Well it’s the half way point in my solo exhibition, Red River, at Heartlands, Redruth, Cornwall, running from 10 September to 8 November 2019. I was very pleased to have sold the first painting (shown below) and received commissions within the first few days.  As I didn’t hold a private view for this exhibition, and the show isn’t manned, that was very encouraging. The Red River solo exhibition showcases my most recent works alongside a selection from the last 15 years. They depict abstract elements from the natural landscape – the geography and geology of West Cornwall as well as mineral extraction – that connects with the human condition. Many of my paintings feature Cornish words eg Sten for Tin and Kober for Copper. Heartlands is the perfect space for this exhibition being a World Heritage site dedicated to mining in the area. They have even named a couple of their event rooms Tin and Copper! The theme of this exhibition, Red River, refers to the river which spews into St Ives Bay and takes its name from the mineral deposits of tin mining running into it and turning it red. Incidentally it’s also the name of the fantastic café…

A Night Boat to China

I’m delighted to announce that these two bad boys, with three smaller artworks, were purchased at my recent exhibition, Double Edged, by Huawei for their headquarters in southern China near Shenzhen, and are currently being shipped to China. That’s great news for me. There are fewer bigger corporate clients than the blue chip Chinese communications multinational! Thank you Huawei – I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them. I’ll be looking for more opportunities for commercial clients in the future as my work, particularly the larger pieces, fit well in a corporate space.