I’m absolutely thrilled to have Vessels 1 selected for the Penwith Gallery’s Summer Associates Exhibition.

The show runs from 6th July 2020 – 22nd August 2020.

Vessels 1 was the first of a series started in April this year inspired by the boats in St Ives Harbour. The paintings are in mini series of 1, 2 or 3 and are entitled Vessels, Solace and The Calm Before the Storm. The artworks meld the natural and man-made landscapes I encountered on my daily walks at that quiet, strange time. They reflect what remains of the fishing industry and the almost eerie sense of stillness and calm that descended upon St Ives.

The Penwith Gallery is a fabulous, prestigious and deceptively spacious gallery in St Ives. Formerly an old pilchard packing factory, it has a remarkable complex of buildings, including three public galleries, artists’ studios, a print workshop, a sculpture courtyard, shop and archive. It is home to the Penwith Society of Artists – founded in 1949 by Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson, Peter Lanyon, Bernard Leach, Sven Berlin and Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, amongst others. The Association with so many progressive and influential artists has given the Penwith Society a unique place in British art history. I’m delighted my artwork is on show in a place of such esteemed ancestry.

The Wild & The Still

In this continued period of solitude and reflection, I’ve been thinking about, on the one hand, the ocean and, on the other, swimming pools.  I spend a lot of time with both my young daughters at the sea and in swimming pools; and both are competitive pool and open water swimmers.

I say spend, but of course the pools have been closed since mid March and, until recent weeks, no-one was allowed to go into the sea. There are no competitions  in either still or open water.  However, we’re really grateful that we can now go into the sea to swim, and to surf or paddle, and are looking forward to the pools possibly opening next month. We’ll take this time of no competitions to get back to basics and just enjoy being in the water again.

My recent series  Swimming Pools and Salt Lines is based upon these water experiences and the differing chemicals present in salt and pool water and their effect on the human body and emotions. Male and female symbolism are present. The upward symbol of the male (a rusty projection) in the ocean paintings reflects the expectations of males to be stronger, more assertive and bold. The downward symbol of the female (in the form of a pool flag) in the pool paintings reflects the expectations of females to be more passive and accepting.

This series typifies my ‘hard edged’, geometric style and use of bold colours. There are strong geometric shapes in the form of triangles that the eye is drawn to – counterbalanced by bold colours and textures elsewhere.  There is a strong melding of natural elements with the man made.

I hope you enjoy them.

Finding Solace

I am currently focusing my energies on new artwork in homage to my beautiful hometown of St Ives. During this solitary period, I am extremely grateful that it is possible for me and my family to still be able to take daily walks. I am finding new inspirations to be joyful of each day.

The works emanating from these walks are melding the natural and man-made landscapes I encounter daily and also draw from what remains of the fishing industry. And, in these times, knowing there is so much sadness out there, the artworks are reflecting the almost eerie sense of stillness and calm that has descended upon St Ives.

Here is a sneak preview of my progress, alongside an image of inspiration.

Open Season

I’m very pleased to have works selected to feature in two open exhibitions taking place over the festive season.

The first is the annual Christmas Open at St Ives Society of Artists in St Ives, Cornwall – where I have Metro 2 on display from16 November 2019 until 2 January 2020.

The second is at the biannual Imagine Falmouth at Falmouth Art Gallery in Falmouth, Cornwall – where I have Porthmeor Revisted 2 on show from 23 November 2019 until 18 January 2020.

There’s lots of good work available at both open shows if you fancy getting a nice present for someone – or for yourself. And it makes a welcome diversion from politics!